Hi there!


Welcome to the Yellow Dots Studio. My name is Soane, and I am the person behind everything that happens to the brand (hopefully, more lovely humans will be joining me soon :) ). I started Yellow Dots Studio in 2020, right before Covid stopped everything.

My background is totally different from what I do here. I have a bachelor's degree in Statistics and a Master's in Data Science. Getting involved in making art was something that would happen to me sooner or later as I always loved making handmade stuff, and many women in my family also work on creating beautiful things to make the world happier.

I choose the name "Yellow Dots" for my brand because I have tons of great memories that somehow I can recall something yellow on them. It could be a yellow scarf, a yellow wall, a yellow drink, a yellow door, a yellow logo, or even the name of the place … Because of the happy connections I have with this colour, I called my brand Yellow Dots Studio as I want to share these yellow "dots" of happiness with my dearest customers. 💛💛💛

Everything about the Yellow Dots Studio is inviting, friendly, and cheerful. Each piece created aims to bring enthusiasm about the now and excitement about the new that is coming. It connects happy memories and celebrates creativity, independence, humour, and friendship.

It values the uniqueness of each person and the beauty of living in a world full of new and exciting experiences. It believes everyone has the right to have more good days than bad ones and that our creations help our customers to reconnect with those good memories, even on a blue Monday in January.