Welcome, welcome, welcome! So thrilled to have you at Yellow Dots Studio, where the magic happens!

Our mission? To create accessories that will make your heart do a happy dance and spread joy like confetti. Let's dive into a world of unique designs that are guaranteed to uplift your mood and make your day a little more awesome!


Yellow Dots Studio was created as a space where we could express our creativity and share our passion for making others happy.

We believe life is about learning and improving, and we're committed to that journey. This is our way of saying we like to approach things with a sense of playfulness and adventure.

We don't take ourselves too seriously and encourage our customers to have fun and enjoy their creative process with us.


There is nothing more beautiful than being your authentic self. That's why we carefully curate and design our products to ensure that every item we offer helps you stay true to who you are and celebrates your unique personality.


We believe friendships are one of the best parts of life and that colourful, fun, whimsical accessories have the power to bring people together.


We absolutely love colour! It's kind of our thing, you know? Our products are bursting with rich, vibrant hues that are sure to add a whole new dimension to your life.